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Health care reform votes might make Democrats vulnerable in midterm elections

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As the waiter delivered a heaping tuna salad sandwich and waffle fries, Bill Jones cut to the chase about U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson. “He’s totally lost my vote with how he’s acted publicly, and health care just plays into that,” Jones said from his sidewalk table at Dexter’s, a busy downtown spot. Two years ago Jones, a 44-year-old consultant, was one of the independent voters that helped the blunt-talking Orlando Democrat win a seat in Congress. Today the health care…

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Midterm elections will cost at least $3.7 billion, Center for Responsive Politics estimates

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With Democrats battling to keep control of both chambers of Congress and Republicans eager to make gains, the money race is fast underway for 2010’s federal midterm elections. By the time that every dollar is spent and every check is cashed, the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics estimates the cost of the Nov. 2 contests will be more than $3.7 billion. “With so much on the line, the outpouring of big money into federal campaigns looks likely to continue at…

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