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One man’s ranking of the greatest teams of the Super Bowl era

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Why, the world has never seen a run like the New England Patriots, has it? It’s never seen a coach quite like Bill Belichick. Or a quarterback quite like Tom Brady? Or championships spat out by the photo copier? Has it? Well, yes. It has. Throughout the history of the Super Bowl, there have been a lot of impressive eras. The Packers. The Dolphins. The Steelers. The 49ers. The Cowboys. And so forth. The impressive part of the Patriots is…

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Marijuana reform went 8 for 9 on the ballot; is it at a tipping point?

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After marijuana amendments passed in eight of the nine states where it was on the ballot Tuesday, now nearly a quarter of all Americans live in states where recreational use of marijuana is legal. Voters in California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada approved recreational marijuana amendments last week, giving nearly 50 million more Americans the right to use marijuana. Additionally, Florida, Arkansas, and North Dakota voted in favor of medical marijuana amendments, while Montana residents voted to roll back restrictions on…

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Conference championships have provided memories, too

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Joe Namath walking off the field with his finger raised…Joe Montana leading the 49ers to a comeback…Tom Brady with the glitter falling. We have memories of the Super Bowl, don’t we? It is so large, so hyped that we cannot get away from them. In a way, however, the conference championships have been better. Though the years, there have been more final snapshot moments in the NFC and AFC than there have been in the Super Bowls. In some ways,…

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