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Today on Context Florida: Marco Rubio, education bang-for-buck, unlikely alliances, OMG moments and the Salt Shaker Test

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Today on Context Florida: Marco Rubio poses as a national security expert. Perhaps among the Republican contenders, he’s the closest thing they’ve got. In which case, Jac VerSteeg says, God help us all. A Washington Post story over the weekend indicates that Rubio’s interest in national security was just a pose from the beginning. As a rising star in the Florida House, Rubio lobbied hard for a spot on an elite committee to frame the state’s response to 9/11. Then, “He…

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Democratic voters think Hillary Clinton “overwhelmingly” won debate, PPP survey says

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A Public Policy Polling survey of Democratic primary voters nationally who watched Saturday night’s debate finds that it reinforced Hillary Clinton’s front runner status. Viewers overwhelmingly think she won the debate, and particularly trust her over the rest of the Democratic field when it comes to issues of national security. Key findings from the survey include: Sixty-seven percent of voters think Clinton won the debate, to 20 percent for Bernie Sanders and 7 percent for Martin O’Malley. On a related…

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Today on Context Florida: Political tantrums, stone-age Bush and energy & national security

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Today on Context Florida: They stamp their feet, scream until they’re sick, and hold their breath till they’re blue. Diane Roberts says Tallahassee lawmakers act like 5-year-olds caught with their grotty little paws in the cookie jar, swearing they didn’t do anything wrong. While all the other political kids get to have fun lying and money-grubbing, poor little legislators they have to stay in, doing homework they refused to do earlier: drawing congressional districts that “sorta-maybe-almost” fairly represent the people of…

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