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Times reporters tweet news of Donald Trump meeting as it happens

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Reporters at The New York Times tweeted details from a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump as it happened Tuesday, contrasting it with an off-the-record session Trump held a day earlier with leaders at the top television networks. Reporters Maggie Haberman and Mike Grynbaum sent out quotes from Trump on his decision not to pursue a case against former opponent Hillary Clinton about her a private email server, and potential conflicts between his business and government. The meeting came amid questions…

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Gawker dies next week, killed by an unhappy subject

in Apolitical/Top Headlines by, the brash New York website that broke new ground with its gossipy, no-holds-barred coverage of media, culture and politics, is shutting down after 14 years, brought low by an unhappy, but deep-pocketed, subject. The news — appropriately enough, broken by Gawker itself — follows the sale of the site’s parent company to Univision. Founder Nick Denton reportedly told staffers Thursday afternoon that will come to an end next week. Twitter immediately went berserk in an unholy mélange of shock, sadness and Schadenfreude. Univision, the Spanish-language broadcaster,…

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Dr. Marc J. Yacht: Rules for living a long, happy life

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There’s some dispute about who uttered the line: “If I knew I would live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” Some have argued Mickey Mantle, George Burns, or Cary Grant. Researchers found the jazz pianist Eubie Blake made the comment in 1983. However, it appears Adolph Zukor, founder of Paramount Pictures, made the quip prior to his death in 1976 when approaching his 100th birthday. The wise adage has taken on new meaning of late as…

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Times pre-publishing online makes website look dated

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This could be nothing or it could be a reason to not to subscribe to actual newspapers. Sure, the Tampa Bay Times now charges readers to look at online content on a regular basis, but even that system can be easily beat as long as you understand the concept of private browsing. The Tampa Bay Times’ opinion section on its website appears to be pretty out of date for it being one of two major newspapers in the region. The…

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A round-up of Sunday editorials from Florida’s leading newspapers.

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A round-up of Sunday editorials from Florida’s leading newspapers. The Tampa Tribune: Thanks to Congress, the Country is less safe today Congress has done this country a great disservice by voting to weaken one of our defenses against an enemy that is determined to exploit our security lapses and unleash terror in our streets. Don’t believe the critics of this country’s expansive and necessary security efforts who say the vote last week to curtail a bulk telephone records program represents…

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St. Petersburg Times Neil Brown: Newspapers are relevant because, um, ‘coupons come out of a newspaper’

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Check out this op-ed from the recently knighted, err, promoted Neil Brown, whose lead argument for the relevancy of newspapers is that “about three-fourths of all coupons used in the United States come out of a newspaper.”  Reprinted in its entirety because, as much as I love to hate the mainstream media, I am but a remora to the shark that is the St. Petersburg Times. Next week, well over 110 million people in the United States will read some…

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