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Martin Dyckman: Donald Trump, Valdamir Putin and NATO – willful ignorance, or dangerous isolationism?

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“Vlad, Vlad, is that you?” “Da!” “Donald here. We need to deal. I make great deals. I’ll send you a copy of my book, The Art of the Stea … uh, I mean, Deal.” “I’m sure you do, Donald. What do you want?” “Vlad, I need you to help me beat Hillary Clinton.” “I might be able to do that Donald, but what’s in it for us?” “When I’m president, you can have those little loser countries next door… What…

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Orlando Sentinel: Charlie Crist leaves fiscal mess for next governor

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You may see this state as a fiscal wreck, a place where jobs and people are vanishing at a record clip. But in an alternate universe, on the planet Pandora, our happy Chieftain Charlie Crist promises happy days ahead and millions of dollars all around. He has $500 million for schools, $100 million for universities and $67 million for community colleges. He has $100 million in tax cuts for corporations, and $24 million in back-to-school tax cuts for mom and…

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A birthday celebration with Mark

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Before Mark returned to Louisville, he fulfilled his promise to take me out for my 30th birthday. Our friend Sharon joined up with us and we enjoyed a rather sublime evening at Bonefish, Ceviche and downtown St. Petersburg. Nothing too noteworthy, other than to say that throughout the night, I kept thinking how blessed I am to have friends that still make me laugh. So many guys have a difficult time keeping a friendship that doesn’t revolve around XBox, Hooters…

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