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obesity prevalence

Study shows more than a third of Florida youth are overweight

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Children in line at fast food restaurant (Credit: AP)

More than a third of Florida youths are overweight or obese according a report released Tuesday by the Trust for Americans Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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USDA says soda taxes really work

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By analogy with cigarettes, taxes on sodas might discourage people—especially young people—from consuming sugary drinks. This might help with weight issues. According to a new analysis by USDA economists, A tax-induced 20-percent price increase on caloric sweetened beverages could cause an average reduction of 37 calories per day, or 3.8 pounds of body weight over a year, for adults and an average of 43 calories per day, or 4.5 pounds over a year, for children. Given these reductions in calorie consumption,…

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