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The problem with the Rasmussen poll showing Marco Rubio ahead of Charlie Crist

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Excerpted from Nate Silver of As many people have noticed, Rasmussen’s polls this year have tended to be more favorable to Republican candidates and causes than those of most other polling outfits. This does not necessarily imply bias. It could result from a whole number of things, ranging from the fact that they’re applying a likely voter screen when most other pollsters aren’t, to some sort of methodological quirk, to the fact that they’re just doggone right. But the…

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If you’re into politics, numbers, and the vicissitudes of public opinion, you’ll love Nate Silver’s new gubernatorial power ratings. He throws a couple oft-neglected factors into the mix to create an expected approval rating, which includes the state’s size and partisan leanings, as well as other, more standard metrics. Who’s the most popular governor in the land? A fairly well-informed observer might guess Jon Huntsman, Jr. of Utah (who won’t be a governor for much longer), Charlie Crist of Florida…

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