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Study finds St. Pete ranks poorly among big cities in police-spending efficiency

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St. Petersburg taxpayers may not be seeing such a great return on their investment in the city’s police force. According to, of the 104 most populated U.S. cities, St. Pete ranked 95th in police spending efficiency. The personal finance website came up with the rankings — which they call their “ROI (return on investment) on law-enforcement spending” ratings — based on crime rates and per capita expenditures on police forces. St. Pete’s crime rate came in at 5.92 percent,…

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Exclusive: Chuck Harmon whacks Scott Wagman in letter defending Police Department

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Police Chief Chuck Harmon blasts Scott Wagman in a defense of the police department he is distributing to “friends, colleagues, community leaders and citizens.” Harmon writes: “Scott Wagman has sent out such gross misrepresentation of the facts in his campaign materials indicating crime in Tampa is down 46% while St. Petersburg is up 9%.” Harmon goes on to cite several statistics, while also stating “the candidates have a duty to tell the truth and not misrepresent facts of such importance…

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