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Today on Context Florida: Resigning the GOP, war on women and railing against rail

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Today on Context Florida: San Francisco-based attorney Scott Weese is resigning from the Republican Party. The GOP has finally gone too far, he says, and at this point he sees nothing of what he believes in any of the viable presidential candidates. The front-runner’s campaign slogan of “Heil Trump” is simply the last straw. Weese says he cannot understand how anyone can threaten the rights of anyone on the basis of their religion. To threaten to intimidate them for their worship,…

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Beware too-good-to-be-true personal stories from 2016 trail

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For most presidential candidates, a compelling personal history is an essential item in the campaign tool kit. Think Hillary Rodham Clinton and her campaign statements about fighting for women. Marco Rubio and his biography of the immigrant family that made good. Carly Fiorina and her “secretary to CEO” career path. Ben Carson and his up-by-the-bootstraps persona. For an electorate hungering for authenticity, a strong back story matters. But, just as tales at the dinner table sometimes get embellished, so do…

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New Hampshire presidential towns largely ignored in campaign

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All presidential candidates want to get to Washington, D.C. But what about Washington, New Hampshire? Incorporated a dozen years before George Washington‘s first inauguration, Washington is one of a half-dozen New Hampshire towns named after presidents. But, along with most other communities, it has largely been bypassed by those hoping to become president. Contrary to the perception that presidential candidates travel to every nook and cranny across the state to win votes in the nation’s first primary, they mostly stick…

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The anti-pot taboo shrinks in presidential politics

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Presidential candidates are talking about marijuana in ways unimaginable not long ago. White House hopefuls in both parties are taking donations from people in the new marijuana industry, which is investing heavily in political activism as a route to expanded legalization and landed its first major candidate, Rand Paul, at a trade show last month. Several Republicans, like Democrats, are saying they won’t interfere with states that are legalizing a drug still forbidden under federal law. And at conservative policy…

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Failure to launch not a concern in 2016 presidential race

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Most U.S. presidential candidates really don’t want to spend nearly two years bowing and scraping to voters and campaign donors. Most voters sure don’t want to hear about the presidential race for anywhere near that long. Why, then, does it take so loooong to pick a U.S. president? Blame American-style democracy? Blame the pollsters and consultants who feed off the horse race. Blame the unquenchable thirst for campaign cash. If you’re a candidate, blame other candidates for forcing you to…

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