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Martin Dyckman: Memory of FSU professor’s enduring lesson on free speech, tolerance

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An enduring lesson on what freedom of speech should mean to a college campus was taught more than a half-century ago by one of my favorite professors at Florida State University, Lewis M. Killian. I hadn’t taken his class or even met him at the time but something I had written was a hot discussion topic that day. It was a letter in the student newspaper, the Florida Flambeau, mocking the Kappa Alpha fraternity for wearing Confederate uniforms and waving…

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Today on Context Florida: Bridging divides, energy & economy and Robert Avossa

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Today on Context Florida: Shannon Nickinson says we should bridge our divides to make America stronger. Flags of the Confederacy — from the “Rebel flag” to the “Stars and Bars” — are a painful fissure, a wound we worried every day we allowed it to fly on public property. “Celebrating” heritage that was largely built on oppression and hate is nothing to be happy about. It is a truth we white folks may not like to acknowledge, but it is true…

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