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Treasure Island City Manager accused of overreach, influencing voters on ballot referendum

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The fate of Treasure Island as it stands now just might rest on this year’s elections and City Manager Reid Silverboard is being accused of overreaching his power to sway voters’ opinions in the upcoming election. Residents of the city will be faced with nine different referendum questions and charter amendments on the ballot. Of these, six correlate to proposed land development regulations; all six are referendums. The first asks if the maximum height in the Planned Development Zoning District should…

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Treasure Island resident wants judge to stop city officials’ advocating for referenda

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A Treasure Island resident has sued the city because he believes officials are illegally spending tax money to influence a political campaign. Ken Weiss is asking a judge to order the city to stop spending money on a referendum that would increase the height and density of buildings in some areas of Treasure Island. Weiss is also asking that judge order City Manager Reid Silverboard to pay back “all such illegal expenditures.” Silverboard could not be reached for comment. The…

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Lawsuit claims Treasure Island ignored state flood requirements in creating new zoning district

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A Treasure Island resident has filed a lawsuit claiming city commissioners failed to follow state law when passing new development rules for hotels and motels. Deborah Toth is asking the court to declare the three ordinances invalid. Treasure Island city manager Reid Silverboard declined comment and referred questions about the lawsuit to the city attorney. Neither Mayor Robert Minning nor city attorney Jennifer Cowan could be reached for comment. The suit arises from three votes made during a July 5…

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Attorney sues Treasure Island saying hotel violates city rules, blocks view of Gulf

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Treasure Island officials violated city rules when they allowed a hotel to be built without adequate space between it and the buildings next to it, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday by attorney Ken Weiss. Weiss has asked the court to rule that the permit the city issued was invalid from the get go and to require the Treasure Island Beach Resort to comply with the city’s setback rules. It is unclear how the resort could comply if it is…

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