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Questionable practices, fraud, hidden costs: The dark side of Florida’s solar industry

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Florida’s solar industry has embraced a comfortable narrative – they are the small-business “little guys” facing giant corporations, which care little about consumers and renewable energy. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. And it reveals a dark side to sunny solar. For example, The Daily Caller is reporting on an investigation by the Treasury Department into potential fraud by solar panel companies – many receiving three years of taxpayer cash — in a case that could have…

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SolarCity’s questionable business practices a warning for Florida solar debate?

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A familiar narrative in the debate over solar energy in Florida follows a “David and Goliath” theme. Cast as Goliath are the state’s largest utilities; playing David are “little guy” rooftop solar companies trying to make it in the utility’s shadow. However, a recent New York Times article rejects that account, exposing some of the “diminutive” players in Florida’s solar industry for what they really are – billion-dollar, for-profit corporations which engage in highly questionable business practices to lure consumers.…

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Strange bedfellows: Conservative solar supporters funded by traditional green groups

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When Debbie Dooley makes a case for solar power, she isn’t falling back on the same old environmental arguments. The Tea Party firebrand from Woodstock, Ga., talks about property rights, national security, and the free market. To Barry Goldwater, Jr., the former Republican congressman, support for solar energy is a conservative stance against power utilities that are trying to “limit energy choice.” Right-leaning pro-solar groups, like those founded by Dooley and Goldwater, might offer evidence – at least in some media…

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