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Rally outside U.S. Senate debate at UCF gleefully energized against both candidates

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To passers-by at the political rally on the green courtyard outside the Fairwinds Alumni building at UCF, where a U.S. Senate debate was to happen later that night, both U.S. Senate candidates must have sounded bad. Patrick Murphy‘s detractors called him privileged and said his record was among the least effective in Congress, so how could he be trusted with a higher seat? Marco Rubio‘s detractors said it was time for him to go due to his poor attendance record and opposition…

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Eckerd College to send 80 students to Cuba this month

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Eckerd College is sending 375 students to study abroad this semester. Of those, 80 will head to Cuba in the coming days to study subjects such as economics, the environment and photography. The combined study abroad trips make up Eckerd’s largest class of travelers ever. The 80 students traveling to Cuba this month include a group of marine science and biology students led by professor William A. Szelistowski. The group will continue research on coral reefs, lionfish, and manatees begun…

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Ditch the mystery meat: Why brown-bagging it could be cheaper than school lunch

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Pinellas County Schools’ lunch costs $2 per meal for elementary students and $2.50 per meal for middle school and high school students, provided they do not qualify for free or reduced lunch. That’s less than a latte from the local coffee shop and seems like a pretty snazzy bargain. But a really smart guy broke down the cost of brown-bagging your kids’ lunch and found that even at the seemingly low cost of school lunch, a good ole fashioned sandwich…

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Jeremy Ring: Money matters for Florida’s high school students

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Florida’s schools are supposed to prepare our students for success in life. Whether pursuing higher education or entering the workforce, we expect that students are ready for the real world based on what they learn in the classroom. But there is one area where we are perpetually failing the next generation: financial literacy and managing money wisely. Nearly half of Florida’s high school seniors lack an understanding of financial basics, like responsible credit use, income taxes, loan repayment and savings…

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Students may be able to cross county lines for school

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The House on Friday voted 80-36 for a bill that would let children enroll in any school in the state regardless of where they live. The provision is included in a comprehensive education bill that now heads to the Florida Senate. If the bill (HB 1145) becomes law families could enroll in any public school if it has space. Families would be responsible for taking their children to and from the school. House Democrats criticized the bill, saying the open…

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