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Internet naming body moves to crack down on ‘.sucks’

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The body that regulates Internet addresses is checking to see if it can crack down on a Canadian company accused of using the new “.sucks” domain name to extract exorbitant sums from celebrities and companies seeking to protect their public brands. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, on Thursday sent a letter to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and Canada’s Office of Consumer Affairs to see if the actions of company Vox Populi Registry Ltd. are…

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Study: Tampa Bay sucks for young adults

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A new study ranks Tampa-St. Petersburg 64th out of 67 labor markets around the country for young adults seeking to establish themselves in a recessionary economy. analyzed the 67 U.S. metros with populations above 750,000, searching for qualities that would appeal to workers in their 20s and early 30s. The study used a 10-part formula that gave the highest marks to places with strong growth rates, moderate cost of living, and substantial pools of young adults who are college-educated…

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Marco Rubio on GOP leadership’s support of Charlie Crist: ‘It sucks’

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In addition to having very low name recognition against Charlie Crist – who has wide recognition and is popular to boot – and the fundraising disadvantage, Marco Rubio was reminded by a questioner at a forum at the Florida Society of News Editors that he also faces the opposition of his party leadership, which has backed Crist. “Yeah. It sucks, doesn’t it?” Rubio responded.

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A Tale of Two Cities

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There is a must-read in this week’s Weekly Planet, er, Creative Loafing that compares and contrasts the downtowns of Tampa and St. Petersburg: “Think of this initial story as a collection of impressions — our attempt to take the temperature of the two downtowns on an average working day. On two recent mid-week afternoons, the entire editorial staff fanned out, first in Tampa and then in St. Pete, to experience the state of the city in such areas as condo…

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