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Superstorm Sandy

Science says: Sorting the ‘spaghetti’ of hurricane scenarios

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Hurricane Irma, with its record strong winds, is lashing the Caribbean but where will it go from there? Forecasters turn to computer simulations to try to predict a storm’s path and how strong it will be.

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Donald Trump’s turn to face tricky politics of natural disasters

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George W. Bush never recovered from his flyover of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. Barack Obama got a bipartisan boost late in his re-election campaign for his handling of Superstorm Sandy.

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By hugging coast while over water, Matthew stays stronger

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In its record-long week as a major hurricane, Matthew has threaded the needle with its track, staying over warm waters that provide fuel and avoiding land that could starve it. That’s been a bit of good news for Florida, but if does actually hit land farther up the coast — and that’s still a big question mark — that region would pay the price for Florida’s good luck. Here are some questions and answers about Matthew: ——— Q: What does…

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