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Rick Scott’s really excited you saved $25 this year

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Florida’s tax-cutter-in-chief is at it again. After rounding out last week’s “cut my taxes week,” Gov. Rick Scott is now touting his whopper of a tax cut last year. According to the Governor’s Office, Floridians have saved nearly $200 million since last September when auto registration fees were reduced by about $25 for car owners. Wow! $200 million is a lot of money! You could sure buy a lot of houses with that! Well, not really. Because it’s, you know,…

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House wants to cut taxes on cellphones and textbooks

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With a budget stalemate still possible, the Republican-controlled Florida House on Tuesday rolled out a hefty package of tax cuts and tax breaks that it wants to push through during this year’s session. House leaders are pitching nearly $700 million in tax cuts, including a substantial cut in the taxes charged on cellphones and cable television, a three-day back-to-school sales tax holiday, and exempting college textbooks from sales taxes. “We want to send that money back to the kitchen tables…

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Marco Rubio headed to Maine on Friday to address Tea Party crowd

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Tea Party supporters will have a chance to take their tea with a few of the movement’s top leaders during a luncheon this Friday in South Portland, Maine. Marco Rubio, Republican candidate to represent Florida in the U.S. Senate, will address the paying crowd with a critique of the Obama Administration. (Got this first graph from The Exception, which has a way-cool pay-for-content system. Check it out). According to the Maine Heritage Center: Please join The Maine Heritage Policy Center…

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Jeb says tax cuts are his top priority this legisative session

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Florida’s basic infrastructure may be splitting at the seams, but that doesn’t appear to worry Governor Jeb Bush, who said the upcoming spring legislative session will include some of the most dramatic proposals for reform since his first year in office and that substantial tax cuts are at the top of his list since Florida’s hot economy has generated a budget surplus of more than $3 billion for the state. I am not an economist, I only play one on…

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