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Ted Kennedy

Steve Ryan: John Glenn, Senator and hero. Things the public didn’t always see.

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John Glenn is my hero and America’s hero, but he was also my boss. Sen. Glenn always acted with integrity: in his marriage to his sweetheart, in his devotion to his country, in his work with his colleagues. He was always a gentleman in the best sense. I had the good luck as a young child to have the measles during his February 1962 flight. We all marveled at his flight, and his coolness under pressure. Subsequently, we saw all…

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Bill Clinton campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Tallahassee

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Former President Bill Clinton paid a visit to the state capital Monday afternoon to campaign at the nation’s largest historically black college, Florida A&M University, on behalf of his spouse Hillary Clinton, who is looking to clinch the Democratic presidential primary in the face of a surging left-leaning rebellion led by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. In Tuesday’s Florida Democratic contest — as opposed to in Midwestern states like Illinois, Ohio, and Missouri also voting Tuesday night — the result is not much in doubt, as an older…

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Human Events: The Other George LeMieux

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From Human Events: Florida Gov. Charles Crist’s appointment of his closest political associate, unknown George Lemieux, to the Senate may cause some harm to Crist’s own bid for the same Senate seat next year. Two weeks ago Crist made the appointment to fill out the remaining sixteen months of the term of fellow Republican Mel Martinez (who had resigned his Senate seat) the warning signs are clearly in sight. At first, supporters of the moderate Crist’s primary opponent, former Florida…

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Is Charlie Crist running for Senate or VP?

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Obviously, the current Florida governor is running for Senate, but give me a chance to explain my thoughts on the vice presidency. [Then you can decide whether the link between the two is a stretch.] First, we’ll need to assume a couple of things. For starters, everything below assumes that the primary calendar and rules will remain virtually unchanged between now and January 2012. We can argue all day about the likelihood of major reforms to the primary process, but…

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