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Mark Pafford files black bear legislation

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The head of the Florida House of Representatives’ Democrats has filed legislation to protect the state’s black bears in the wake of a contentious state hunt. State Rep. Mark Pafford of West Palm Beach submitted the bill (HB 1055) on Tuesday. Pafford leads the chamber’s 39 Democrats. His bill, the “Florida Black Bear Habitat Restoration Act,” would find that “there has been a lack of interagency coordination to preserve the habitat for the Florida black bear.” That “lack of coordination has resulted in…

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Amid protests, bear hunting season opens in Florida

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Hunters for the first time in more than 20 years will trudge through Florida woods on Saturday to legally kill black bears, a contentious wildlife management action that has activists taking to the streets in protest. Florida wildlife officials have sold more than 3,200 permits to hunters from all over, including 1970s rocker Ted Nugent and Liesa Priddy, a rancher and Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission member who voted to approve the new hunts. The hunt was approved by the…

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Rocker Ted Nugent snaps up Florida bear hunting permit

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Rocker Ted Nugent is among some 1,200 people who’ve purchased permits so far for Florida’s first bear hunting season in 20 years. The permits went on sale this week and can be purchased through the Oct. 23 deadline. The seven-day season begins Oct. 24. Nugent told the Orlando Sentinel he has been following Florida’s bear saga. He says wildlife can be one of two things — an asset or a liability. He calls the central Florida bear population a “liability.” The…

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Diane Roberts: Florida’s presidential hopefuls a bumper crop of crazy

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No fewer than four of the 2016 Republican candidates for president claim domicile in Florida. Five, if you count Donald Trump – and the head pelt-sporting Birther would hate not to be counted. Even if he’s not really running, just promoting his new book. First there’s Jeb Bush, Miami resident, former governor, brother of the more famous (and far stupider) George W., fundraising juggernaut, part-time “Hispanic,” the “moderate” supposedly beloved of the Republican establishment. Over the weekend, Jeb gave the…

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