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Darryl Paulson: The filibuster, the nuclear option and the future of American politics

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What little Americans know about the filibuster is due to James Stewart‘s portrayal of Senator Jefferson Smith in the classic movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. In the movie, Senator Smith filibusters a fraudulent land deal until finally collapsing on the Senate floor. This past week, it was the filibuster that collapsed on the Senate floor as the “nuclear option” was invoked by Senate Republicans. History of the filibuster. The early Congress did not recognize the ability to filibuster. Senators…

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Five questions for Adam Goodman and Steve Schale at Wednesday’s Tiger Bay meeting in St. Pete

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Two of the most astute observers (and participants) in Florida politics are Steve Schale and Adam Goodman. In recent years, Schale, the Democrat from Jacksonville and Goodman, a Republican from Tampa (or has he moved to St. Petersburg yet?) have sat down before audiences to give their breakdowns on the state of Florida politics, and it’s always a treat for political junkies. The two men bring that roadshow to St. Petersburg on Wednesday afternoon, where they’re scheduled to breakdown the results of Florida’s…

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Which of these is racist: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Doritos commercial or the St. Petersburg Times’ Adam Smith?

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Growing up in ’80s and early 90s, during those heady days of Do The Right Thing and Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird and New Edition, it was easier to discern what was racist and not racist. Four of Los Angelas’ finest beating up on Rodney King? Racist. Not giving an Oscar to Denzel Washington? Ridiculous, but not racist. Twenty years later, with a black dude, err, an African-American in the White House and Flavor Flav and Ice-T on cable television,…

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