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GOP arrives at crossroads choice of ‘mean’ & ‘compassion’

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My Republican friends (yes, I have them) loathe being called the party of mean people, and I completely understand why they feel that way. What some see as mean, others see as principled. That’s particularly true with programs like Medicaid expansion in Florida, which many Republicans say costs too much and doesn’t work well enough. I respect that point of view because it’s not looney, even if I don’t agree. But when it comes to so-called Dreamers – the children…

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Bill Day’s latest: The partisan divide and Florida’s super-majority

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In November, Florida Republicans flipped six seats to gain a super-majority in the state House of Representatives, giving the chamber a veto-proof majority. The Democratic trouncing was not only across Florida, but also nationally, evidenced in Bill Day’s latest. Day provides a glimpse of who is now running the show in Tallahassee, and – to a somewhat lesser extent – in Washington.  For the next two years, the already conservative House leans slightly further to the right. November’s GOP wave brought…

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Washington Post: Marco Rubio tests politics, ethnicity

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What is his stance on the Arizona immigration law? Does he favor amnesty for undocumented immigrants? “I don’t support amnesty,” Rubio says. “I support a legal immigration system.” A Cuban-American lawyer and former state House speaker, the 39-year-old Rubio has captured the attention of national Republicans hoping to attract Hispanic voters, a majority of whom voted for President Barack Obama in 2008. But it’s among Hispanic voters that some of Rubio’s conservative positions could prove divisive. Continue reading here.

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