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Joe Henderson: DNC Day 1 – Hillary Clinton’s apathy problem

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After the first night of the Democratic National Convention, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton’s biggest problem has less to do with emails and big donors and more to do with apathy. That much became apparent after watching Bernie Sanders’ supporters shower their candidate with the kind of full enthusiastic passion that has thus far eluded Clinton. For that matter, the same parallel can be drawn in the Republican Party for the way Donald Trump’s backers are with him no matter…

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John Cornyn responds directly on Red State blog re: NRSC endorsement of Crist

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Senator John Cornyn posted directly on Red State: “While this political environment appears dire and presents short-term setbacks for Republicans, I believe that it also provides us with a real opportunity for 2010. Next November could be a turning point for the future of our Party – but only if we unite and take advantage of this critical opportunity. That means holding the Democrats accountable for their records, providing real solutions, reaching out to new constituencies, and fielding candidates who…

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