Tampa Laser Spine Institute surgeon suing wife over defamatory tweets

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Things have gotten pretty ugly for one high-profile Tampa surgeon and his soon-to-be ex-wife.

Mark Flood, 55, an orthopedic surgeon and chief of surgical innovation at Tampa’s Laser Spine Institute, is suing his wife, Blake Taylor, 54 — or @MsBlakeTaylor — over some defamatory tweets she’s been publishing since filing for divorce in 2013.

Despite beginning two years ago, the final judgment on the divorce has yet to be issued.

According to a recent document filed in the case, Flood is well-compensated for his work, having earned a gross income of $2.33-million in 2014, or nearly $200,000 per month.

His wife complains on her Twitter account about “not making any” money, so divvying-up finances may be the matter holding things up.

Flood, in his defamation suit against Taylor, however, claims his wife isn’t playing by the divorce rules. And Taylor’s Twitter feed definitely gets nasty.

She describes herself as a “PRISONER in divorce from narcissist surgeon,” and accuses Flood of “legal bullying,” “misogynistic abuse,” and being a “caveman,” and a “sugar daddy.”

Taylor also claims that Flood gave himself an extensive makeover by losing 100 pounds and getting a “face-lift, fake teeth, excess skin removed, liposuction, and abdominoplasty.”

Further claims of Taylor’s focus on Flood’s behavior “outside the [operating room],” as Taylor — through Twitter — suggests he could harm patients. She also says that testimony she will offer in a medical-malpractice suits against Flood could be “career ending.”

On October 3 of this year, Flood tweeted: “How would U feel if U found that surgery was done on ur spine at the wrong level and U were not told? Facility knew and didn’t report it?”

Flood says Taylor’s tweets have damaged his professional and personal reputations.

However, it’s not just through tweets that Taylor is waging war against her husband. She also has a website dedicated to bad-mouthing the Tampa surgeon called MarkFloodDivorce.com.

Some of what Taylor’s spewing may not be unfounded, though. In 2014, Flood was the subject of a Tampa Bay Times article that highlighted a malpractice suit that accused Flood of causing a patient to suffer “permanent neurological injury.”

Information attained from Baylawsuits.com.

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