The day that was in the CD 13 special election

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Sundays are usually quiet on the campaign trail, but this is no ordinary campaign; something is always happening in Florida’s 13th Congressional District.

Here is the day that was in the special election in CD 13:

SPB shoutoutSaintPetersBlog gets a shoutout on the Friends of Democracy PAC website  for reporting in January on an ad saying David Jolly was “Proud” of his lobbying work: “’David Jolly’s proud to be a lobbyist,’ the ad says, showing a clip of Jolly saying he’s ‘proud of the work I’ve done.’” Friends of Democracy are a group promoting transparency and campaign finance reforms.

Always gratifying to be recognized.

For the record — Adam Smith reports in the Tampa Bay Times full perspective of Alex Sink’s “bigoted” comments at last week’s Clearwater Chamber debate, as comparing it to an April 2013 comment by Marco Rubio: “I am not in favor of a housekeeper or a landscaper crossing the border illegally.” Jolly wouldn’t comment on Rubio, but he did double down on Sink: “I don’t know the full context of what he said. I know the full context of what Alex Sink said.”

That cleared that up.

Loser of the Week — Smith also names Jolly “Loser of the Week” for raising half the amount in campaign cash that Sink did. According to Smith, it demonstrates Jolly, the “local” candidate, actually relied more on external, out-of-state groups, as well as his “over-the-top attacks that Sink is a bigot for saying undocumented immigrants often work as landscapers and hotel cleaners hardly suggest confidence on his part in the final stretch.”

There’s always next week.

Today’s Number: 709 — the number of early in-person votes cast as of March 2, according to the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark, with 47 percent (336) Democratic to 39 percent (278) for Republicans.

What’s even better … there’s no lines!

Consider this — $8 million dollars, both by candidates and outside groups, spent (so far) for a job lasting less than eight months before the November 2014 midterms. So the person will win CD-13 and arrive at Capitol Hill, only to gear up quickly for re-election. Yes, they will have the crucial incumbency advantage, but let’s face facts — it’s only EIGHT MONTHS. Seems to demonstrate how important this one, purple district has become.

Kind of puts it in perspective, doesn’t it?

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