The “Senate Sweeps” of Congressional Bracketology begins with Marco Rubio v. Bill Nelson

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The first round of Senate Sweeps has started in TrendPo’s “Congressional Bracketology“.  this competition pits elected officials against each other in a test of social media prowess, NCAA bracket style. The first round evaluates each of the 64 on all aspects of their social media presence, including Facebook likes, comments, and shares; new followers on Twitter, retweets, and mentions; and YouTube views, likes, and subscribers.

Facing off in Round 1 are Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson.  Rubio enters the week seeded at No. 7 in the South and No. 18 overall, while Nelson is seeded No. 10 in the South and No. 23 overall. 

At the time of seeding, Rubio dramatically exceeded Nelson in Facebook likes (54,993 to 17,508) and Twitter followers (433,600 to 32,467).

That said, TrendPo is looking for a change in engagement levels over the week.  And with the government shut down and all, this is an unusual week.

According to TrendPo, the shutdown favors Rubio’s stats: “The Rubio-Nelson showdown is one of the tightest matchups in the southern region as the two Florida Senators go head to head to garner the most traction online. It looks like the government shutdown has doomed Nelson. Even though Rubio has been quiet during the shutdown drama, there’s been a lot of speculation about why he’s gone silent compared to other Senate Republicans like Ted Cruz, and as a result Rubio has seen more online engagement than Nelson. Rubio’s rise in Facebook Likes has set him apart and it’s likely he’ll advance to the next round.”

The winner will move on to the Facebook Round against either Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky or Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee.