Throwback Thursday: Florida’s 2-week stint as an Independent Nation

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For this Throwback Thursday we visit today, January 9, in 1861. In Tallahassee, delegates held the final debate on the Ordinance of Secession. In late afternoon they agreed to postpone a final vote until the next day.

On the 10th, the Ordinance of Secession was approved by the Secession Convention by a vote of 62 to 7.

The Ordinance reads:

We, the people of the State of Florida in Convention assembled, do solemnly ordain, publish and declare: That the State of Florida hereby withdraws herself from the Confederacy of States existing under the name of the United States of America, and from the existing Government of said States: and that all political connection between her and the Government of said States ought to be and the same is hereby totally annulled, and said union of States dissolved: and the State of Florida is hereby declared a Sovereign and Independent Nation: and that all ordinances heretofore adopted in so far as they create or recognize said Union, are rescinded: and all laws or parts of laws in force in this State, in so far as they recognize or assent to said Union be and they are hereby repealed.

It would take another three days for Florida’s two U.S. Senators, David Levy Yulee and Stephen F. Mallory, to be informed of Florida’s secession from the Union. They withdrew from the Senate a week later.

Florida would be a sovereign an independent nation for two weeks prior to joining the Confederate States of America on January 28.

The Ordinance, in its original form:

1861 secession