Today on Context Florida: Amendment 2, echo chamber, recycling and another bad SCOTUS decision

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Today on Context Florida:

Gary Stein supports Amendment 2, in part, because he has “skin in the game,” a number of people — friends and family — who would benefit from medical marijuana. None of them are looking for a buzz. None of are potheads. They are people in need of a treatment that is older than the oldest currently operating medical institutions in the world.

Like most people, Tom Cavanaugh uses online technology to reconnect and stay in touch with friends and family all across the world. However, he dreads the echo chamber of social media during election season. The constant barrage of vitriolic online postings from both sides of the aisle is like being trapped inside a bass drum in a marching band.

Bruce Ritchie wonders if it is time to rethink recycling. The future of recycling may involve less actual effort toward recycling but a need for individuals to have more understanding about what our communities are doing with waste. And whether it meets our own definition of recycling, something that is a lot more difficult than rinsing and sorting.

The June 30 Harris v. Quinn ruling is what Daniel Tilson sees as another awful U.S. Supreme Court decision; a right-wing power play that, if allowed to continue after intermission, will likely climax with a dagger dug deep in the back of public employee unions, and all of American Labor. The case involved eight home health-care workers in Illinois who didn’t want to pay “fair share” fees to help the union function.

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