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Today on Context Florida: Angry voters, reconnecting Cuba, Hispanics & climate change and teenage driving

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Today on Context Florida:

Voters are angry and unhappy, says Marc Yacht. Democrats and Republicans disagree on most issues, but they are kindred spirits in their distaste for political leadership. According to numerous Pew Research Center polls, Americans have lost confidence in traditional politics.  Voters feel betrayed. Republican distaste for Democrats and President Barack Obama runs much deeper than suggested racial bias. The popularity of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders shows the parties’ failure to deliver what voters expected. Republicans and Democrats feel abandoned and are convinced that big money drives the political agenda.

Linda Cunningham suggests reconnecting with Cuba needs to be done carefully and slowly. Key Westers trace their roots four and five generations to Cuba, to times when either was home, depending on the day. And those deep roots connecting across the Florida Straits mean Key West Cubans don’t always see eye-to-eye with Miami’s largely Cuban exile community. Key West’s Cubans were not, for the most part, exiles from the Castro Revolution; there was no “little Havana” in Key West; the island was Cuban. Instead, these were families fully integrated into and a leading component of Key West’s history.

As a Hispanic business owner, Ronald Ambar is deeply concerned about the effects of climate change on his family, community and business. Many communities are already experiencing the effects of climate change, like poor air quality and extreme weather, firsthand. Economic prosperity and security in Florida will be in jeopardy if these conditions worsen. It is important for people of all parties to support candidates who will advance a clean energy economy for our communities.

Catherine Durkin Robinson’s sons turned 16 in January. They know they won’t be getting their driver’s licenses anytime soon. Robinson’s friends aren’t surprised. Her ideas about teenagers driving aren’t wacky. They’re well-thought out and logical. Waiting until her children are 18 to drive alone, at night, or with other kids in the car comes from personal experience and an attention to news stories, science and facts.

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