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Today on Context Florida: The case against Donald Trump, Hobson’s choice, Cuban political prisoners and Mark McKinnon

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Today on Context Florida:

Darryl Paulson makes the case against Donald Trump. Paulson has been a Republican and a conservative his entire life, not an easy feat as a university professor, and he will never vote for Trump. Among the reasons, Paulson says Trump is neither conservative nor Republican, and his political views are much more aligned with Democrats than the GOP. And that’s not the most important reason.

Bob Sparks says the Republican establishment is facing a serious quandary; essentially a Hobson’s choice confronting those who vow that under no circumstances would they vote for Donald Trump. In a field that once hosted 17 presidential candidates, the choice seems to be either get behind him or increase the risk of losing to Hillary Clinton, a demonstrably flawed candidate. Or is it, Sparks asks.

While serving as Lt. Governor of Florida, Jeff Kottkamp had the opportunity to speak on the phone with Elsa Morejon, the wife of a political prisoner in Cuba, Dr. Oscar Biscet. At no time, however, has the Cuban government admitted that Biscet was wrongly imprisoned. In fact, the Cuban government denies it has any “political prisoners” locked away. Ours is a nation founded on the principle that all men and women are equal, and all people have certain natural rights like freedom of speech. President Obama should demonstrate outrage over Raul Castro’s comments and Cuba’s long history of human rights violations.

Mitch Perry speaks with Mark McKinnon, co-creator, co-executive producer and co-host of “The Circus,” a weekly Showtime documentary series on the presidential campaign. The show is a co-production between Showtime and Bloomberg Politics.

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