Today on Context Florida: Charlie Crist, Steve Southerland, August resolutions and trolls

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Today on Context Florida:

Unless an Ebola-fueled zombie apocalypse devastates the world between now and next Tuesday, Peter Schorsch writes that former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist is going to win the Democratic nomination in Florida’s governor’s race. So one thing to look for on Tuesday night is not whether Crist wins or loses — duh — but what is his margin of victory?

When Congressman Steve Southerland is not dodging questions about his trip to the King Ranch, Diane Roberts says he is touting a bill to help struggling polluters. Southerland’s HR 5078, the Regulatory Overreach Protection Act of 2014 would block federal oversight of waterways and wetlands.

Unlike January, Shannon Nickinson believes August is a great time for a resolution – to take the mantra of “each one, teach one” seriously and to heart. Teachers are the professionals. They have the training and the intellect to break down base 10 math theory and Common Core standards for expository writing into bits and pieces that children can digest.

When a telephone and a stamp were the social media of choice, Linda Grist Cunningham says smacking down trolls was simple: hang up or toss it in the trashcan. It could have been that simple in the wicked web world. Today, it’s easy to troll. A handful of keystrokes, dump, run, repeat. The anonymity, the ease of posting, the absence of censure combine in a heady rush of “wow, look at me.”

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