Today on Context Florida: Ferguson, Jewish vote, education policy and Blue Ribbon Commission

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Today on Context Florida:

Julie Delegal notes that the police-shooting death of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, continues to be a painful lesson not only about renewed racial strife in America, and not only about alleged police misconduct, but also about what happens when the people’s right to know is abridged.

After the latest Gaza campaign, Steven Kurlander asks whether a “Jewish vote” loyal to Israel can be truly defined as such anymore and, if so, whether Jewish voters still have the impact in the four states with the largest Jewish populations, which account for 127 of the 240 Electoral College votes needed to secure the White House.

Daniel Tilson is deeply troubled about the undue pressures being put on schoolteachers, staffs, students, families and public education policy in Florida. The whole financing system for our public schools is screwed up. Instead of making corporate tax evaders pay the billions they owe and generating enough revenue to fund public schools fairly and equitably, it’s our local property taxes that are relied on instead.

The sham that is Amendment 2 continues to evolve, says Barney Bishop, who adds that the latest iteration is the so-called Blue Ribbon Commission. Why? Because this group is nothing more than a kangaroo court. This group has no authority whatsoever, so no one except the most ardent believers is going to listen to its machinations.

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