Today on Context Florida: Gender inequity, economic development, Florida Democrats and UCF volleyball

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Today on Context Florida:

America seems to be going backwards in so many ways, says Diane Roberts. Yes, women have been secretaries of state, astronauts, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, army generals. But that doesn’t mean that gender inequity is over, any more than electing a black president means that racism is over. Too many people still assume that a vast number of women cry rape for some reason other than that they were, in fact, raped.

Florida’s unemployment rate is at 6 percent. It is hard to imagine a more deliberate focus on job creation than the state witnessed in the past four years. What happens when we broaden the goal of economic development beyond job creation, asks Dale Brill, former Chief Marketing Officer for VISIT FLORIDA.

Daniel Tilson is this close to believing Florida Democratic Party (FDP) leaders cannot see the political forest full of discontent and disinterest enveloping them, due to a new reform agenda focused on “operational” tree trimming. Responding to its Election 2014 failures the same way so many other large, out-of-touch organizations respond after taking big, embarrassing PR gut punches, the FDP announced formation of a task force to analyze their failures and report back with recommendations (in late June) on how to do better next time.

Nearly eight years ago Todd Dagenais walked into a room of about 10 young women who just lost their coach and suffered through two humiliating seasons with a conference record of 1-31. As a new coach, he was expected to make them a nationally competitive team. Knowing UCF was a great school, in a great location, and the athletic department had the full support of the university to be nationally competitive in all sports, he knew UCF volleyball had “a chance.”

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