Today on Context Florida: Gubernatorial panic, Rick Scott, airborne stupidity and diversity & the courts

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Today on Context Florida:

Both GOP and Dems have reasons to panic in the gubernatorial race, says Peter Schorsch. Florida Republicans not working directly for the Rick Scott campaign found themselves in a frenzy on Friday after survey results from a respectable pollster began to circulate. Worrying Democrats is Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade, where the total number of people who early-voted Saturday was greater than Sunday — the day when black voters were expected to have the first of two “Souls to the Polls” voting events after church.

Election Day is a week away, and Tom O’Hara begs those who cast ballots for Rick Scott to do so for reasons other than these 10, including: his mother divorced an abusive husband; he was an Eagle Scout; he sticks to his script rather than answering questions and you want government run like a business. Also, do not vote for him because you dislike Barack Obama so much you do not want Florida to take billions of dollars of federal money for Medicaid expansion ($51 billion) and high-speed rail ($2.4 billion).

The latest epidemic is really freaking Diane Roberts out. Experts say it’s hard to catch — you can’t get it merely by living in the same state as infected people or being exposed to toxic campaign ads. But what if they’re wrong, she asks. What if stupidity is airborne?

Florida is one of the most diverse states in the nation, but Mark Ferrulo says that wouldn’t know it from looking at our courts. According to The Florida Bar, people of color make up about 43 percent of Florida’s population. Yet among the state’s judiciary, fewer than 9 percent of judges are Hispanic, and fewer than 7 percent are black.

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