Today on Context Florida: Hot cars, same old same old, Obamacare and blue hair

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Today on Context Florida:

Peter Schorsch gets “fist-shaking angry” every time there is a careless, reportedly distracted parent leaving a child in a vehicle. In the summer. With the windows up. He writes that the overwhelming number of cases, lazy, horrible parents (who probably have no business being parents in the first place) think they can get away with leaving their child “just this one time.”

Like comedians that have run out of jokes, now we have the downward trend of veteran politicians Hillary Clinton and Charlie Crist, says Mark O’Brien. To use sports analogies, they are making unforced errors, they have lost a step, and they do not have their eyes on the ball. It is the same old, same old that we come to expect from Crist and Clinton.

Conservatives would be smart to offer proposals to improve Obamacare rather than trying to kill it, writes Marc Yacht. Ideally, he believes the move to a “Medicare for All” makes sense. Supplemental insurance for people who want more could be available. Moving health insurance costs away from businesses could be the focus for discussion.

Rebekah McCloud, after chatting with a young woman with blue hair during a ride on the new SunRail, also got an earful of prejudice from other passengers criticizing the woman’s hair color choice. She also could not dismiss the thoughts of 20-plus years ago, when McCloud was a high school teacher and the first four students walked into her classroom on the first day of school one year.

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