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Today on Context Florida: Jeb Bush’s irrelevancy, grim fact of life, Donald Trump’s narcissism and drug abuse & kids

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Today on Context Florida:

Jac VerSteeg wonders if Jeb Bush got up Wednesday and asked, “What can I do to complete my slide toward total irrelevancy?” … “I know. I’ll endorse Ted Cruz for president!” Talk about terrible timing, VerSteeg says. His endorsement, which echoed the earlier backing of Cruz by Mitt Romney, came just as Cruz had uttered one of the stupidest remarks concerning the horrible terrorist attacks in Brussels.

Steve Schale points out that terrorism is a grim fact of life around the world. Terrorists murder people with the goal of changing behavior — to force others to give in, to give up, to cower in fear. For Schale’s friend Asif, a journalist, he has to decide how much he can cover it, and how much he has to self-censor. That is his reality. It is so easy to view these atrocities as us versus them, with them being some amorphous collection of people over there. Events like the murders in California, or the attacks of Paris and now Brussels shock our collective conscious, because they disrupt the peaceful order. But what about those people who live in places where that peaceful order doesn’t exist?

Prescription drug abuse has affected the lives of teens and young adults in drastic ways, says Marcia Lee Taylor of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. Kids are abusing and even becoming addicted to pills often found in the medicine cabinets at their own homes. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has made addressing the epidemic a top priority. It’s national initiative, the Medicine Abuse Project, has worked to raise awareness of prescription drug abuse among parents, while also advocating for our representatives to enact common-sense policies to help stop children from misusing and abusing medications.

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