Today on Context Florida: Natural gas, college football, Amendment 1 and Joe Biden

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Today on Context Florida:

The United States now meets its own domestic natural gas needs, while also becoming the world’s No. 1 exporter of natural gas. Meanwhile, Americans still consume far more oil than our domestic resources can supply, according to retired Naval Commander Tom Garcia, co-chair of the energy advocacy group Vets4Energy. With proper planning, military training and oil and gas operations are compatible activities, he says.

Diane Roberts says college football intoxicates – seduces –perfectly rational people who, in our saner moments, know that investing our emotional well-being in a bunch of barely post-adolescent boys beating holy hell out of each other on a 100-yard field is not intelligent. Or healthy. The game makes barely-literate 19-year-old boys into heroes and fosters in them a nasty sense of entitlement.

Where is good ol’ fashioned voter fraud when you need it, asks Linda Cunningham. Let’s let tourists vote in Florida. Especially this November on Amendment 1, which would pony up big chunks of already collected tax dollars to buy, manage, improve and preserve Florida land. It only seems fair that tourists should get to help decide how best to pay for the land and water they come to visit.

If you follow Vice President Joe Biden, writes Steve Kurlander, you know he has a reputation for being politically incorrect and too blunt. No matter how politically incorrect Biden — the working class Joe from Scranton, Pa. — has been, his mouth, in fact, is his strongest tie to the average American, who can relate not only to what he says, but to how he says it.

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