Today on Context Florida: Open primaries, constitutional revision, Ferguson and assault on women

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Today on Context Florida:

Ray Hudkins discusses one initiative that would make Florida “world-class” – open primaries. Whether you agree or disagree, an open primary, where all registered voters can choose the best candidate regardless of political party or no party affiliation, illustrates an opportunity to change voting patterns and political culture over time; all voters have more choices and more influence in primary elections.

The next Florida governor, either Republican Rick Scott or Democrat Charlie Crist, will make one of the most-important decisions a governor can make – and it only happens every 20 years. He will appoint 15 members to a new Constitutional Revision Commission. Brian E. Crowley says Democrats, in particular, should be very worried.

The story in Ferguson, Missouri, is all too familiar to Andrew J. Skerritt, even callously so. A white police officer shoots a young, unarmed black man and a frustrated community erupts in anger.While the details involving the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown are still being investigated, one fact is troubling and clear: Another casual encounter between a police officer and a young black man turns deadly.

According to Lillian A Tamayo, Gov. Rick Scott has waged an unrelenting assault on the women of Florida since his election in 2010. In fact, Scott has done so much harm to women that a recent survey by the Florida Planned Parenthood PAC revealed that voters concerned about his attacks could not decide which of Scott’s actions to rate as the worst.

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