Today on Context Florida: Scottworld, Mark Cuban, net neutrality and three holidays

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Today on Context Florida:

At this point, Peter Schorsch says there is probably no denying Republican incumbent Rick Scott has taken a narrow lead over his likely Democratic challenger, Charlie Crist. However, Scott’s gains are as much from voters feeling better about the state of the state as they are on Scottworld’s attacks on Crist, something troublesome for Crist — the eternal optimist.

Business tycoon Mark Cuban said he would cross the street if approached by a black youth wearing a hoodie, a comment that Mark O’Brien finds very revealing. To be fair, Cuban also said he would cross the street if a “white guy, bald head, tattoos everywhere” approached him. Nevertheless, let us give Cuban credit for trying to have a dialogue about how many people are full of fear often caused by stereotypes and fear.

When it comes to net neutrality, Daniel Tilson wants us to think about the extent to which equal, open access to the worldwide web has made possible everything from democratic liberation movements toppling repressive regimes, to learning and information-sharing capacities for our kids that are virtually limitless. Then think about all that forced into a back seat, on a slow-moving ride to … who knows?

Linda Grist Cunningham asks if it matters that as an American consciousness, we have so little understanding of the context and histories of three holidays– Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Independence Day. She thinks it does, though she will admit that most folks do not care as long as it is a day off work, the barbecue grill is hot and the adult beverages cold. It matters because we do not know our history.

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