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Today on Context Florida: Split custody law, restroom customs, prepared for kindergarten and adult trikes

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Today on Context Florida:

The world runs on the unpaid and underpaid work of women, says Julie Delegal. Churches, schools, nonprofits, and many business offices would collapse without it. Florida Senate Bill 688 is a slap in the face to the men and women (mostly women) who choose to make themselves available to do the unpaid work of caring, freeing their partners to build breadwinning careers. Gov. Rick Scott should veto it now. The bill robs judges of discretion in divorces by presuming in all cases that split custody arrangements are best for children, instead of evaluating custody based on the needs of individual kids.

While Bob Driver doesn’t intend to address the nation’s varied laws about transgender use of public toilet facilities in a single column, on the subject of public restroom customs, he feels free to speak. In the restroom of a cafe on the French Riviera in the spring of 1949, Driver his was turning to wash my hands. He had to wait while attractive woman combed her hair and otherwise checked her appearance in the mirror above the sink. She finished, smiled and departed. Case closed. Driver saw no problem with a unisex restroom, on that day or thereafter.

Shannon Nickinson reports that children who start school behind — as nearly 1,000 children in Escambia County do every year — are more likely to struggle throughout school and are less likely to graduate on time with their peers. And a community where nearly 34 percent of 5-year-olds show up to school lacking the skills they’ll need to be ready to learn what our school system demands of them starts out at a disadvantage.

Linda Cunningham discusses why she is the Queen of Key West when atop her adult trike. She offers five reasons they ought to make the switch.

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