Today on Context Florida: Utility spikes, low turnout, prostitution and Michael Brown

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Today on Context Florida:

Floridians are not surprised when they see seasonal spikes on their utility bills. However, J. Robert McClure, president/CEO of The James Madison Institute, notes that regulations proposed by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concerning carbon emissions unfairly single out Florida, threatening to make those seasonal spikes the new normal and send the spiked months’ bills soaring to astronomical levels.

Stephen Goldstein calls post-primary punditry about low voter turnout in Florida is as predictable and prolific as it is paltry. The real reason turnout is so low is that voters are fed up with the lies perpetrated by politicians and PACs, a press that panders to corporate masters, and pervasive, phony-baloney polls. They are the three P’s of our political apocalypse.

A routine prostitution sting in Pensacola leads Mark O’Brien to consider the challenges of legalizing, licensing and taxing prostitutes. Legalization would be a simplistic solution for a complex problem, and governing it would lead to a host of unforeseen problems.

Michael Brown, the high school graduate shot by a Ferguson, Mo. police officer has become a symbol for racism and what is wrong with law enforcement. Andrew Skerritt says the best way to honor to Brown is to call for a national walk-in, for young black men to step forward to claim his seat in college, sit in the front row and fulfill those dreams that died on that Ferguson street a month ago.

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