Today on Context Florida: Buckhorn, Crist, Cruz and Obamacare

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Today on Context Florida, Barney Bishop suggests that the Democrats are beginning to develop a “back bench” of elected Democrats who have a chance at winning back the governor’s mansion in the future — namely, he says, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn.

Bishop writes: “Suffice it to say that for Florida Democratic loyalists, they don’t really care who their candidate is so long as he (there won’t be a “she”) can guarantee a win” …. an interesting line considering the only candidate who has actually filed to date is Nan Rich.

Then, Susan Clary takes a look at Democratic reactions to the prospective candidacy of Charlie Crist.  She writes: “Democrats either have a crush on the former St. Pete High quarterback, swooning at the idea he may be our next governor, or they act like he’s a spurned lover, cringing at the mention of his name.”  To Clary, if Crist is willing to run, D’s should “get behind him 110 percent.”

Turning to some reflections on the GOP, Steve Kurlander writes on “the incorrigible Ted Cruz and his visionary rebranding of the GOP.” Kurlander suggests that despite the “pure political vilification” of the freshman from Texas, “in time, Cruz will be recognized for rebranding the GOP. He will be viewed as a party leader, not a pariah.”

Finally, Karen Cyphers takes a look at the botched rollout of Obamacare, arguing that “especially if one likes the idea of compulsory health coverage, rolling out with a program that isn’t ready to go live is worse than delaying it.”   Cyphers writes that the broken interface of will magnify the already problematic issue of adverse selection.