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Today on Context Florida: Florida’s Fifth District, pharmacies, Trump & Hitler, James Tracy and good NYEWS

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Today on Context Florida:

Bob Sparks notes that former state Sen. Al Lawson revealed his intention last week to run for Congress in the newly configured 5th District. The announcement from Lawson, a Democrat from Tallahassee, puts in motion a chain reaction of events that will make this one worthy of attention. A case could be made for Lawson, Sparks says. The new district runs from Jacksonville to Gadsden County west of Tallahassee. As a former state senator, Lawson has represented four of the counties contained in the new congressional district. In addition, he adds, most of the voters within the new District 5 will have never cast a ballot for Corrine Brown. A credible candidate such as Lawson would have a chance to win.

As we enter into a holiday week, Bill Mincy says many of us will be doing some last-minute shopping and many small-business owners will keep their doors open and hope for shoppers to visit. Unfortunately, community pharmacies are going to lose this holiday season, because a large chunk of their patients will no longer be able to come to their pharmacy come Jan. 1. According to the Agency for Healthcare Administration’s November Managed Medical Assistant Program report, Mincy says nearly 3.1 million Floridians displaced and forced to change to a pharmacy they have not chosen. Something needs to be done to prevent the expansion of restrictive Medicaid Managed Care pharmacy networks.

Donald Trump, who may very well become our next president, is being accused of Hitlerism. By the time this column appears, Bob Driver points out that the charges may have been dismissed. Or confirmed. Whichever way it goes, however, it behooves all of us to think about Hitler and Trump, and how they compare.

Being the Christmas season, Jac VerSteeg declares we all are entitled to believe in those things we want to believe in. This time of year – if only for a short time – he chooses to believe in Santa. If we can choose what to believe in, we also can choose what not to believe in. In that spirit, VerSteeg does not believe that “James Tracy” is a real person. Oh, sure, he’s seen the new reports about the alleged Tracy, but he can’t possibly be real. According to news stories, Tracy is the professor at Florida Atlantic University who has achieved a measure of notoriety for denying, on a blog that the Sandy Hook massacre ever happened. Reports about “Tracy” obviously can’t be true. A respectable university like FAU couldn’t possibly keep such a figure on staff.

Any politician or campaign manager understands that any “NYEWS” for a candidate is good “NYEWS.” That being the case, Mark Yacht says Donald Trump proves the argument. In spite of complaints about Trump’s position on most issues, the “mouth with the do” tops the polls of Republican contenders – by a large margin. One cannot imagine his camp is displeased with his current stature and they most likely stay up nights constructing another outrageous comment from The Donald. What’s a poor Democratic candidate to do for some attention and respect?  Hillary who? Wasn’t she in Benghazi?  Didn’t she invent email?  Sorry that was Al Gore. And Bernie Sanders, doesn’t he sell fried chicken? Or is he the one who looks like a chicken. No … that was the late Arthur Perdue.

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