Today on Context Florida: Hucksters, GOP spin cycle, trauma centers and nursing home care

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Today on Context Florida: As Florida’s 2014 legislative session gets in full swing, the hucksters and con artists are in “double digit territory,’ writes Daniel Tilson. Working families and retired folks need to start looking away from the moving balls of the shell game, check their wallets and valuables, and refocus all attention on reality.

The Republican brand is working in full spin cycle after the David Jolly win in Florida’s 13th Congressional District, says Bob Sparks. There is ample evidence pointing toward a GOP rout in eight months as they try to tie the anvil known as Obamacare around the neck of their opponents.

A series of articles in the Tampa Bay Times expose Florida trauma centers for “outrageous unregulated” charges, as much as $33,000 for just the “call up” team, according to Marc Yacht. Unfortunately, the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) fails to address profiteering by insurers. But it does accomplish significant advantages for patients.

We all want our loved ones to get the best nursing home care, says Executive Director of Florida Health Care Association Emmett Reed and Florida has the opportunity to pass legislation this year that does just that. Unfortunately, the so-called “Families for Better Care” organization continues to fight the legislation and chronically misrepresents the facts about the tremendous strides nursing homes continue to make in quality care.

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