Today on Context Florida: ideologues, opinion stifling, Common Core, and the Lakeland PD

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Today on Context Florida, Darryl Paulson offers an unapologetic look at the “problem with ideologues,” sharing what happens when people only read and interpret information to reinforce their preconceived ideas.

Then, Cary McMullen gets local, reflecting on the “seemingly unending series of controversies and scandals” that have befallen the Lakeland Police Department.

Julie Delegal presents the fifth in her series on Common Core State Standards, taking a deep look at the positions of the “Badass Teachers Association” – a group that supports standards but bemoans excess testing.

Finally, Jim McClellan takes a hard look at the opinion-stifling practice of LA Times journalist Paul Thornton who refuses to publish any letter to the editor that suggests humans don’t cause climate change. McMullen suggests that with disinterest in the topic growing, it is a bad idea to stifle muffle the public more.

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