Today on Context Florida: Pipelines, jobs, a memorial, and a strong admonition

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Today on Context Florida, Florence Snyder memorializes Dexter Douglass, Florida’s “high-priced gladiator”, “wise counselor and community problem-solver.”   It is a must read for those who knew him, and especially for those who did not.

Then, Dave Mica urged approval of the Keystone KL pipeline, which he argues will generate significant revenues and jobs, and would replace oil transport on ships with shipment across “the safest pipeline ever designed”.

Barney Bishop commends Gov. Rick Scott for delivering on his promise to create jobs and investing in education; and Darryl Paulson completes his nine-part series on black voting in Florida with strong words: “Neither Democrats nor Republicans should have any pride in how they have treated the black electorate in the past 200 years.”

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