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Today on Context Florida: Scott’s conscience, taxing sunshine, healthcare conspiracy and testing reform

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Today on Context Florida:

Two years ago, Gov. Rick Scott announced support for expanding access to healthcare in Florida saying he, “in good conscience,” could not deny the uninsured access to care. Fast forward to 2015 and he is opposed to a plan to close Florida’s coverage gap endorsed by the entire Florida Senate, Democrats and Republicans alike. After this latest about-face, Mark Ferrulo wonders whether Scott even has a conscience.

Bruce Ritchie asks whether there is there a fair way to tax sunshine. That seems the underlying issue when state analysts tried to determine the potential cost of a proposed constitutional amendment promoting solar energy. What about the person who buys a load of firewood from someone in a truck by the side of a road? Or they chop up a tree that falls down in their back yard? How come they aren’t paying an energy tax?

Daniel Tilson says that Scott is turning a whiff of healthcare conspiracy into full-fledged stench. When the infamously anti-Obamacare governor made news in 2013 by claiming sudden support for the law’s Medicaid expansion element meant to insure a million or so Floridians, Tilson questioned in writing whether the move had the whiff of conspiracy. When Scott again made news by supposedly “reversing” back to his former opposition just last week, it had the certain scent of it.

On April 9, the Florida Legislature quickly and quietly passed an educational testing reform bill that Scott signed into law this past Tuesday — a significant victory for advocates and educators. But for the Duval County PTA, Julie Delegal says that education advocates don’t appear to be taking credit for its passage.

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