Today on Context Florida: Stand Your Ground, an Eye for an Eye, and more

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Today on Context Florida, Sheriff Scott Israel shares that bipartisan hearings are an “important first step” in fixing Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, and applauds Sens. Chris Smith and David Simmons for heading these efforts.

Then, Jim McClellan relates one of his favorite memories: a night in 1992 when a bill exempting ostrich feed from sales tax was pending on Gov. Chiles desk; and Rick Outzen argues that “it’s time we challenge the popular notion that the purpose of our state government is to create jobs.”

Finally, Cary McMullen writes a powerful and important piece on reactions following the suicide of 12-year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick who had been bullied by two other teens. In this, McMullen explores what does — and doesn’t — constitute justice for Rebecca.

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