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Today on Context Florida: An open letter to House Republicans, storm water, genetic predisposition for cancer and continual undeclared war

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Today on Context Florida:

Daniel Tilson writes an open letter to Republicans in the Florida House: Word is, most of you are about to vote “Nay” and kill the Florida Senate’s healthcare bill that would insure hundreds of thousands of uninsured men and women stuck in the “Florida Coverage Gap.” Those are your fellow conservative Republican legislators who worked their butts off to craft and pass this legislation. They even came back at it three times to make it as conservatively charmed as could be — while still actually trying to solve your problem at hand.

Storm water, like many other things, flows downhill. That was one of the things that last year’s spring floods highlighted, says Shannon Nickinson. And since water does not respect political boundaries, City of Pensacola and Escambia County officials are venturing into uncharted territory – at least for local governments in these parts. Among the signs of progress on this collaborative front, both the city and county are moving to a 100-year event standard for development for future growth.

A few weeks ago, Catherine Durkin Robinson underwent genetic testing for cancer. The news wasn’t great. One of her important cancer-fighting genes is like Caitlyn Jenner’s IUD: just for show and utterly useless. This distinction earned Robinson a free, lifetime membership in the elevated risk group at a local cancer center. Her first meeting with that group’s doctor happened last week.

America has been at undeclared war since the September 11th attacks, says Steven Kurlander, and as we continue to fight on, openly or surreptitiously, against Islamic “terrorism” around the globe. And this year, after learning about Iraqi troops losing the Anbar province to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), many Americans asked once again why we got involved in a war in Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place. Or whether the blood of our soldiers spilled in these theaters of war have been callously expended and in vain.

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