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Today on Context Florida: Tallahassee twerps, Crisafulli rants, family intrusions and stormwater

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Today on Context Florida:

Florence Snyder says that Rep. Matt Gaetz isn’t the only Tallahassee twerp to publicly disrespect his elders and betters, but he’s the first in memory to be called to account in the court of public opinion. Gaetz is better known as a master of the Twitterverse, where he spends a lot of time burnishing his credentials as the Eric Cartman of the lower chamber.

Speaker Steve Crisafulli criticized a recent Supreme Court finding that the House adjourning three days early had “clearly violated the Constitution.” The Speaker ranted that justices are “unelected,” adding that in his legal opinion, “one Chamber does not need to seek the permission of the other Chamber to adjourn.” Crisafulli is off the mark on several points, says Jac Wilder VerSteeg. One fact is that it doesn’t matter what he thinks about the legality of his actions.

Marc Yacht believes that microwaves, dishwashers, other contraptions are so many intrusions that have undermined contented family life. The technological leap has dehumanized relationships, dismantled loyalties and focused dependence on devices. Reading, serious study and personal interaction have given way to shortcuts.

Stormwater — at least for now — is no longer a dirty word in Escambia County. Shannon Nickinson asks how long that will last. How far do you go with incentives for home and property owners to retrofit existing subdivisions, neighborhoods and businesses with things like permeable  concrete and rain gardens, cisterns and islands of grass in parking lots that are now seas of asphalt?

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