Two examples of ridiculous blogging from The Shark Tank and Sunshine State News

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Like any genuinely dedicated blogger, I try to read the opinions of both those who agree with my political perspective AND those who do not. Falling into that latter category are The Shark Tank and Sunshine State News.

Yes, I read The Shark Tank. I find Javier Manjarres’ completely obvious website on which candidates pay for favorable coverage to be mildly entertaining.

More serious is Sunshine State News, although it’s but a shell of its former self without writers Kevin Derby and Kenric Ward.

This morning, both The Shark Tank and SSN offer separate, ridiculous examples of blogging which have me wondering if I should continue reading these two websites.

First, on The Shark Tank, Javier actually writes about some sort of secret contract between U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her husband that allowed her to pursue her political ambitions if she would agree to certain stipulations “that Debbie would be responsible for washing the family dog and cleaning out the kitty litter box among other ‘husband and wife’ interactions.”

Yes, Javier really wrote that. And he didn’t write it as parody. He actually believes he’s broken this story wide open.

His blog entry would be mildly amusing, in typical Javier fashion, if it wasn’t so misogynistic — a trademark of Javier’s thinking. Writing this kind of crap wouldn’t be appropriate if it were posted on an obscure message board. It’s really insulting when it’s posted on a prominent political blog.

Javier embarrasses all bloggers with his antics.

Sunshine State News didn’t do anything to embarrass anyone, except itself.

Whoever is in charge of SNN has a hard-on for former Governor Charlie Crist. I get that. SSN is a conservative outlet and they’re just going to be out to get Charlie just as I am determined to defend him.

But that doesn’t mean they have to make stuff up just to discredit him.

Jim Turner “reports” this morning that it was Wasserman Schultz who “led” the effort to have Crist speak at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Um, as someone familiar with those negotations, that’s not at all who led the effort. NOT. AT. ALL.

But Turner suggesting it was DWS who led the effort is a convenient way of connecting moderate Crist with liberal DWS — which is just what the mysterious honchos of SSN want people to think going into the 2014 gubernatorial race.

There’s enough material to use against Crist that SSN doesn’t need to fabricate untruths just to placate its allies in the Scott administration.

C’mon, Sunshine State News, you’re better than that.

But if you keep this kind of thing up, you’re gonna be just as bad as The Shark Tank.

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