United for Care: We’re not going to know the results until very late tomorrow night

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United for Care field workers and volunteers’ final meeting before voters decide the fate of Amendment 2 was by conference call Monday night. Callers chimed in from Walton County to Key West, along with representatives of the campaign in Orlando, Tampa Bay and Boca Raton. The corps of workers behind the medicinal marijuana initiative sounded upbeat, sharing tidbits of news, noting where back-up staff was needed while waiting for campaign manager Ben Pollara to join the call.

Polls released over the weekend indicated the amendment was in trouble. A July poll found nearly 90 percent support for the proposal to allow doctors to use marijuana to treat patients with debilitating diseases. By mid-October polling started to indicate support was falling below the 60-percent approval needed for implementation. This past weekend the trend line among polls indicated the measure would fail.

Ballotpedia provides a list of polls from November 2013 through Oct. 27 here.

When Pollara joined the call he thanked the army of volunteers, supporters and field workers for a two-year effort, noted there was still work to be done to get voters to the poll and warned the group it’s going to be close.

“When the polls close we’re going to win but we’re not going to know we won until well after the polls close. It’s going to be a long night but it doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a victorious night,” said Pollara. “I’m just preparing you right now we are not going to know the election results on this, I don’t believe until pretty late tomorrow night.”